Frequently Asked Questions


What is being voted on?
More than $100 million in education taxes for schools in Jefferson County.

Who does this impact?
This funding is divided across EVERY city and county school system in Jefferson County. From Trussville to Leeds, Bessemer, Mountain Brook, Birmingham City – EVERY student in our area gets a share of these taxes.

Is this a new tax?
This is NOT a new tax. These are taxes which have been in place for long time. This is NOT a new tax and your taxes will NOT go up.

Why are we voting?
Every 30 years these taxes must be renewed. This funding has been around a long time and it is the core funding for schools in our area.

My kid goes to  ______________ city schools. Does this tax impact them?
This funding impacts EVERY city and county school system in Jefferson County.

When is the vote?
March 7th

Where will I vote?
You will vote in the same location where you vote for Governor or President. If that location has changed you will get a post card from the government telling you of the new location. Otherwise you should vote at the same location you just vote at in November.

What happens if these taxes are extended?
Nothing will happen. This approval by the voters will keep the doors open and the lights on.

What happens if the voter do NOT extend these taxes?
This is not something we want to talk about. School closings, state takeovers, firing of teachers, larger class sizes, cancellation of football and extracurricular activities. If we do not renew this funding it will be devastating. No one wants to talk about this so let’s just make sure we renew the $100 million needed by our kids.