Jefferson County is one of the most diverse education communities anywhere in Alabama. With the county and almost a dozen city school systems, we currently educate more than 100,000 children every school day. To do that we require public funding which must be renewed. The vote on March 7th is not for new taxes. This is not a tax increase. This is simply a required vote to renew existing education taxes for every system, every city, every student who attends a school anywhere in Jefferson County.

There is no way to explain this funding as anything other than critical. Without this funding every school system in our area would face bankruptcy. To learn more about how your money is spent and what this funding means to our classrooms please click here to visit our frequently asked questions.

We ask that you support our students by voting to renew education taxes on March 7th. You can also click here to learn more about what you can do to help us carry our message and share the importance of community funding in the education systems throughout our county.

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